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Frequently asked questions.


Purchasing questions.


Can I order products directly on your website?

no. but you can take a look at our  for more information on some of our products.

Where do I go to purchase a particular product?

please contact your delphi sales representative for the most up-to-date information on where to buy delphi technologies products.

Who is my sales representative?

to find more information on who your sales representative is, please go to our page. 


Product questions. 


Where do I go for more technical/product information?

First, take a look at our . If you need any additional help, you can contact our technical hotline at 877.GO.DELPHI (1.877.463.3574). For diesel, remanufacturing and test equipment inquiries, contact 1-800-521-4784.
I have a question regarding a Delphi product, who should I contact?

九州app怎么下载in december 2017, delphi automotive spun-off into two companies: delphi technologies and . aptiv’s product portfolio includes connected technology, active safety, infotainment and automated driving. delphi technologies’ product portfolio includes propulsion systems, powertrain and . 

Where do I go for part availability status?

九州app怎么下载please check with your local retailer and visit our aftermarket . 

Where do I go when I need a replacement or a parts repair?

九州app怎么下载please check with your nearest service & diesel center on our . they are properly equipped to accurately diagnose, test, repair and recode delphi technologies advanced common rail injectors and pumps. and check out our for technical tips and how-to videos! 

What is the warranty information for your products?

Our products have various warranty policies. If you purchased our products from an online retailer, warranty support on those parts goes through the retailer or point of sale. You should contact them directly and provide your purchase information. You can also find certain individual product warranties on our .

Additional contact information.


Do you have additional questions?

Find contact information for specific locations on our global locations page

find contact information for specific divisions below:

Investor Relations

九州app怎么下载if you have questions about your delphi technologies shares or our stock information, please check out our .

Accounts Payable
If you have questions related to invoice processing, overdue invoice status and/or remittances, please contact your regional team with the link below.

Human Resources 
If you are looking for more information about our human resources department or looking for job opportunities, please check out our careers page